Costa Rica Ecotourism

Ecotourism in Costa Rica is a hot issue. Costa Rica is a prime ecotourism destination. Sustainable Tourism Development is a strongly supported item by President Arias, by the Tourism Institute and by some hotels and activities. Many places in Costa Rica, like Arenal, Monteverde, Manual Antonio and Tortuguero are beautiful but are strongly feeling the effects of too many tourists. They are crowded, unkempt and problematic for the new push toward conservation, sustainability, service and appreciation.


Many plants and animals are in need of preservation such as the Toucan, the endangered Scarlet Macaw, endangered leatherback turtle, the humpback whales, dolphins, black panther, spotted leopard, the howler monkey, the spider monkey, the morpho butterfly and all the other wonderful species here in this now rich, biodiverse area. They will only be here as long as those of us who are present and those of you who visit respect this environment to the max. Just south of THE MANGO TREE SPA you can visit the most biodiverse place on this planet, the OSA Penninsula.


Many of us never got to Nepal, to Bali, to Portugal, etc. before these places became tourist destinations. A visit to the south coast of Costa Rica, to Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal, Tres Rios de Coronado, to the OSA Penninsula will put you in touch with the real essence of this area before it is spoiled by masses of tourists, MacDonalds, corporations, etc.

A visit to the Southwest coast is what many people are really looking for: Natural, unspoiled, biodiverse, still using plant medicine, quaint little hotels, the natural ambience of Costa Rica and the peoples that are there. The south coast is still “green”, still harboring more biodiversity than any place on the planet and we, THE MANGO TREE SPA, are just a short distance away from the OSA Penninsula.

A stay at THE MANGO TREE SPA you will by put in the middle of the coastal magnificence. Dominical, a surfing town, is the northern start of the green corridor and the OSA Penninsula is the southern point. We are half-way between, just off the beaches and close enough to obtain your needs, but still just conveniently away enough to have the feeling of rural life, tropical gardens, peaceful and raging rivers, small pueblos, gorgeous views, less bugs, and privacy in the jungle.

At THE MANGO TREE SPA you can bathe in waterfall pools, hear and see birds, monkeys, take trips to see the turtles, whales, dolphins, eat papaya from the gardens, bask in the biodiversity and tranquil vistas.

In addition, at THE MANGO TREE SPA, you will enjoy a Natural SPA where we use only the freshest healing plants. Our gardens are a nature lover`s paradise that validates the senses.


Fly to our destination (near Palmar Sur) on carbon free Nature Air to help pay back your carbon vacation points. Do your part to reduce CO2 in the environment. Plant a tree on our neighboring hillsides. Avoid air-conditioning, TV, High-speed internet, turn off lights and replenish with Natural SPA treatments. Truly be in a nature adventure and bask in the RETURN TO NATURE and it’s beauty.



 Fresh and organic vegetable market

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Spheres and archeology

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Hacienda Baru

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Corcovado National Park