Moving to a foreign country will not be the easiest thing you have done. Renting before buying or building is probably one of the smartest things you can do. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes people come here and buy a piece of property for some time in the future. Others buy and then start building.

Before you do either, travel all around the country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each area? Talk to people who live there and ask all the questions you can think of.

There are so many factors to consider both before buying and building. Let’s point out a few of them.

First is location. Consider the issues: Availability of water and what is its source? Are you more of a beach lover or mountain person? For the beach lovers consider the beaches. Are they clean, near a river and possibly alligators, are their rip tides, can you really swim or are they shallow and sandy, etc? Do people complain of “perujas” or no-see-ums. Is there a beach road near your desired property with much road and truck noise?

If you are interested in mountain property, how are the roads to access this property? Again, is there water from mountain springs? Is there electricity, internet and phone? How safe is this property; is it secluded away from others? How accessible is this property in heavy rains? How far do you have to travel to the nearest store, gas station, car repair place? These are some of the considerations for location.

Once you have found the best location for your home, hotel, villa or whatever, have bought that piece of property, created a corporation, now you need to find a builder. I sincerely suggest renting a villa or house nearby and again talking to those who have had experiences with building. One good idea might be to find some houses or place you really like, look at the details and then ask that person who did their building, or even ask if they general contracted the building might they consider being your general contractor. The general contractor can find locals to do the building or know of a good builder. Get several opinions.

Now it time to start building. Where will you live while you build? Plan to move here and do not fall for a turn key operation. You may regret it and it will most likely cost you more. Live nearby in a rental villa or house and plan to visit the property every day. Keep track of your inventory and inspect what is done each day. Keep tabs on everything. Your best bet is to build a guest house first and then live in that while your house is being built. While the guest house is being built live in a rental that you can safely leave everyday. Robberies occur when occupants leave the premises. Rental in a hotel/villa is ideal. That way others are always around. Rent somewhere where there is a locking gate. Dogs are great property watchers as well. While you are watching and inspecting the building site on a daily basis, be sure someone is guarding the rental property.

By Rosemary MacGregor
506 2786 5300

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